Our Cheeses

Marinated Fetta

Our flagship - an international Gold Medal Winner.

This Fetta is rich and creamy. It's less hard and crumbly than the one you may be used to and it's marinated in our blend of canola and olive oil with selected herbs.

Australian Specialist Cheesemakers Gold Medal - 2004 & 2006

300g jar, 1.2kg `party` bucket and 1.5kg caterer's bucket


No..... it's nothing to do with k-mesons and other tiny particles.

'Quark' is German for 'curd'.  It's a traditional, creamy, fresh cheese.

Vegetarian. Made from cow's milk. Moist.

Used in cooking, for spreading, in dips and cheesecakes, with fruit for breakfast.

1kg pack


Buche de Chevre

A traditional log shaped cheese, Buche de chevre is liberally coated with vine ash and covered with a bloomy white mould rind.

Sweet earthy mushroomy rind, combine with complex, creamy, and nutty goat flavors supported by just the right amount of salt and acidity. These flavors fade very slowly from your mouth with the creamy nuttiness lingering very pleasantly.

200g log


A Single Cream surface ripened White Mould cheese. Cows Milk, non-animal rennet.

Binnorie Brie develops a rich and creamy flavour with mushroomy notes produced by the bloomy rind.

When fully ripened the body is evenly textured, oozing and silky in appearance.

By kilogram


Yoghurt Cheese made from cow's milk. A middle-eastern style marinated in chilli, rosemary, garlic and olive oil.

370g jar, 1.2kg `party` bucket and 1.5kg caterer's bucket

Chevre with Dill

Creamy goat's milk curd with fresh dill and a hint of garlic.

Spread on crusty bread or crackers.

150g pot

Goat Cheese Log

Creamy soft, white cheese from made goat's milk

Made from locally sourced goat's milk. Used as a table cheese and for hors d'oeuvres. Also good for grilling. Preferable for those with dairy intolerance.

1kg log


Marinated Goat Fetta

Rich, creamy goat milk Fetta with herbs

This Fetta is rich and creamy, in an exotic style. Made from locally sourced goat's milk and marinated in our blend of canola and olive oil with selected herbs.

300g jar or 1.5kg caterer's bucket

Fromage Frais with Herbs & Garlic

French farmhouse style also made from cow's milk.

Moist, creamy, white.  Curd blended with selected herbs and garlic.

Spread it on crackers, crusty bread or use as a dip.

150g pot or 1kg pack

washed rind

Washed Rind

A soft surface ripened white mould cheese which exhibits a characteristic orange rind. Cow’s Milk, non-animal rennet.

Binnorie Washed Rind is a stunning cheese which develops wonderfully complex farmyard aromas which fill the room when fully ripe.

The body is rich, creamy and complex in flavour, with soft oozing silky texture when fully ripened.

By the kilogram